Recipe of the month: Pattaya Marriott’s Phad Thai Coong

Phad Thai4

PHAD THAI GOONG (fried noodle thai style with prawns) is one of the favourites at Sala Rim Nam restaurant at Pattaya Marriott. The restaurant has its own unique ambience, with its open timber design, shaded by palm trees and bordered by lotus ponds.


Prawns, 100 g; chicken stock, ½ cup; noodle, 100 g; pickled turnip (chopped) 5 g; peanuts (chopped) 5 g; dried shrimp 5 g; bean curd 5 g; chives green (chopped) 10 g; bean sprouts 100 g; vegetable oil, 2 tbsp; lime (for decoration) 1 piece; banana blossom (optional), 1 piece; 2 eggs (beaten); and Phad Thai sauce, 50 g.

Preparation Method

Boil prawns until just cooked (al dente); heat the oil in a pan and fry the noodles with the stock until just cooked; add the remaining ingredients, stirring well for approximately 2 minutes; then add the bean sprouts, green chives and then the eggs, stirring well until cooked. Finish and serve onto a plate, decorate with banana blossom and remaining chives.

Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa is a luxury hotel in Pattaya city center that overlooks the beach and is surrounded by tropical greenery. The location is so central that guests are just steps away from the Royal Garden Plaza and some of Pattaya’s best shopping and entertainment options. The resort has two restaurants, two bars, and a large swimming pool with whirlpool, tennis courts, an extensive health club, and the Royal Garden Spa.




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