Meliá Chiang Mai Celebrates first anniversary with an array of new experiences

Meliá Chiang Mai is turning one this April, offering a variety of exciting new experiences to mark the milestone including a purple-themed afternoon tea, roast dinner buffet and spa journey dedicated to coconuts.

The first five-star hotel to open in Chiang Mai since the onset of the global pandemic, Meliá Chiang Mai debuted on 10 April last year, signaling a huge vote of confidence at the time in the future of the mountain city’s tourism landscape.

A new afternoon tea for two available daily from 2 pm – 5 pm at Ruen Kaew Lounge will make a splash with purple from April 1 until  June 30, 2023.

Crispy butterfly pea flowers with purple hummus, lavender mousse with mirror glaze and purple potato mont blanc are among the visually compelling savoury and sweet treats served with a selection of teas or freshly brewed coffee as part of “Summer Purple Afternoon Tea”.

Replete with slow-roasted beef tenderloin, whole roast chicken, and braised lamb shanks, Laan Na Kitchen will host the “Friday Roast Dinner Buffet” on April 28, May 26, and June 30, 2023 from 6 pm – 9.30 pm. Anchored by roast carvery stations, the buffet also includes a live pasta station and chemical-free side dishes featuring fresh organic produce from local farmers.

During the second quarter of 2023, 21st floor Mai Restaurant & Bar will serve a four-course ‘360° Cuisine’ Thai set menu daily from 6 pm – 10 pm with new dishes crafted by a thoughtful cooking process that involves sourcing organic produce from the hotel’s nearby farm and using every part of each ingredient possible before food waste is returned to the farm as fertilizer.

New dishes include Makreau thed consommé comprising farm-grown tomato with pearl summer squash, Hung Ley curry style pulled pork lasagna with pomelo peeled coconut cream sauce, and a warm, overripe banana cake with mixed nuts butter scotch for dessert.

From April 1 – 10, 2023, other promotions to mark the first anniversary include Laan Na Kitchen providing a 50% discount on its breakfast buffet from 6 am – 10.30 am for walk-in guests at a reduced price and a complimentary bottle of Spanish sparkling wine for 10 guests who celebrate a special occasion at one of the hotel’s banquet venues.

To celebrate the hotel’s first anniversary, YHI Spa is offering a new package dedicated to coconuts designed to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin. ‘Coconut Pampering’ begins with a 60-minute coconut body polish to exfoliate dead skin cells and soften the skin, followed by a 60-minute aromatherapy massage with virgin coconut oil to prevent dry skin and protect it against ageing.

A warm cup of YHI’s coconut charcoal tea rounds out the treatment. The 120-minute Coconut Pampering package is THB 2,950 net per person and available daily at YHI Spa from 10 am to 10 pm from April 1 – 30 June 30. 2023.

YHI Spa will also discount its 60-minute aromatherapy massage from April 1 – 30, 2023.

For more information and reservation, contact +66 52 090 699 or email

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Elite sustainable eco-dining at Trisara and Trivanda

Dutch chefs Jimmy Ophorst and Rick Dingen are setting new standards for sustainable fine dining on Phuket via Michelin-starred culinary skills.

The two combine flair and finesse when it comes to taking eco-conscious dining to the next level on the Thai paradise island.

Ophorst runs the show at PRU, the signature dining venue at Trisara, one of Phuket’s most exclusive resorts. Dingen, meanwhile, oversees the kitchen at Jampa, which follows a philosophy of “local ingredients, live fire, and zero waste cuisine” at Tri Vananda, a US$182 million wellness community taking shape in the verdant forests of northern Phuket.

The pair share nationality and a desire to promote a seasonal, sustainable food ecosystem. Both were recognized at the Michelin Guide Thailand Star Revelation 2023 at the end of last year, with PRU retaining its 1 Michelin Star and Michelin Green Star; and Jampa earning a Michelin Green Star for its zero-waste, plant-based food.

“Sustainability is the heart of our business,” says Ophorst who, at PRU, steers the only venue in Phuket with a Michelin star. “It’s integral to our restaurants and our lives.”

Both Trisara and Tri Vananda are owned by Montara Hospitality Group, a firm that has earned a reputation for prioritizing sustainability at Trisara and through its 16,000 sqm Pru Jampa organic farm, located within the Tri Vananda boundaries.

And the two chefs are united by a shared eco-friendly philosophy that promotes a balanced food ecosystem without compromising creativity.

At PRU, Thai ingredients are shaped into bewitching gourmet creations that draw inspiration from both the east and west. The venue’s name — an acronym for Plant. Raise. Understand. — provides a solid clue as to its overriding philosophy. Ingredients are 100% sourced from within Thailand, with much of the organic produce grown at the Pru Jampa farm.

PRU retained its 1 star at the Michelin Guide Thailand Star Revelation and remains the only restaurant outside Bangkok in Thailand to attain the prestigious status. PRU was also the first restaurant in Thailand to receive the Michelin Green Star.

“There’s a huge interest among the public in dining experiences that support local communities and showcase amazing Thai produce,” he said. “I look forward to furthering our commitment to sustainable cooking and sourcing and delighting guests through innovation.”

Over at Tri Vananda, Jampa innovates by using live fire to transform local ingredients — many of which, just like at PRU, are sourced from the Pru Jampa organic farm — into healthy and balanced, yet resolutely elevated, culinary creations.

“I aim to showcase locally sourced, seasonal ingredients in the best way possible,” says Dingen, whose hyper-local, plant-focused, zero-waste cuisine is marking him out as a rising star in Thailand.

Dingen is known for his commitment to zero waste and he aims to make Jampa the first venue in Phuket to achieve a zero-waste-to-landfill ratio.

“We want to exert the absolute minimal impact upon the earth and our aim is to break down our kitchen waste to ensure nothing goes to landfill,” he said.

The success of the two restaurants is in line with the aims of Montara Hospitality’s “Dine Good, Do Good” concept, which it has rolled out across all its F&B outlets.

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As consumer spending on wellness has exploded into a multi-trillion market

These findings are part of GWI’s historic new report, “Defining Wellness Policy,” the first research to define wellness policy and make a compelling, evidence-backed argument as to why it’s so direly needed.

It explains how wellness policy can complement – but also fill the glaring gaps left by both current public health policy and new happiness and wellbeing policy efforts.

It also addresses the serious gaps in the sick-care-focused medical system and in the private sector wellness industry, that clearly cannot bring wellness to all. The report includes the first-ever quantitative analysis that determines the relationship between wellness spending, health outcomes, and happiness across countries.

It demonstrated that spending on wellness is strongly and positively correlated with increased longevity and happiness, not only for the “wealthy well” but across the board.

“As we dived into this research, it quickly became obvious that health and wellness should be embedded in the priorities for all policymaking,” said Katherine Johnston, GWI senior research fellow. “

As compared to sustainability, which has been in policy conversations for so long – it is astonishing that no one has talked about wellness as a comprehensive, cross-cutting policy category in government circles.

The health of people should be paramount, just like the health of the planet, and really, the two go hand-in-hand. We hope that this study and GWI’s upcoming wellness policy toolkits will kickstart a global conversation and more research in this area.

Wellness Spending = Increased Happiness and Longevity

To identify the relationship between wellness spending, happiness levels, and health outcomes, GWI researchers partnered with Dr. Shun Wang, a key author and statistician of the World Happiness Report.

Utilizing data from GWI’s wellness economy reports (measuring wellness spending in more than 200 markets), Gallup’s World Poll (for global happiness measurements), and the World Bank (for national life expectancy and income levels) – and then carefully adjusting for wealth levels and population size–a regression analysis revealed striking findings.

Across countries, for every $844 increase in wellness spending per person, the average happiness level increases by nearly 7%. An increase of $769 in wellness spending per capita is associated with 1.26 years of extra life.

While correlation does not necessarily mean causation, these important results clearly signal that there are health and wellbeing benefits from wellness spending.

A forthcoming GWI white paper will expand on these results, analyzing the relationships between spending in each wellness sector–whether physical activity, healthy food, traditional medicine, or mental wellness–and how it’s associated with outcome measures for health and happiness.

“This is the first time that anyone has analyzed wellness economy spending alongside data on happiness and life expectancy, and we found that investment in wellness is definitely linked to positive outcomes in these metrics,” said Ophelia Yeung, GWI senior research fellow.

“We believe that wellness policy is crucial for bringing the benefits of wellness to everyone, especially to those who cannot pay for it or who face barriers to living a healthy lifestyle.”

More on “Defining Wellness Policy”

GWI’s Wellness Policy series aims to build common language, frameworks, and strategies for governments, industry, and communities to work toward the goal of wellness for all.

 The report released today establishes why wellness is the missing link in policy, and how wellness policy can uniquely address the gaps in the current movements attempting to tackle our cascading health crises.

Wellness Policy – A Definition: GWI defines wellness policy as “a set of cross-cutting actions that encourage healthy lifestyles and create supportive environments for human health and wellbeing.” Wellness policy is specifically focused on prevention, lifestyle changes, and the many environmental factors that affect our wellbeing.

A Desperate Need for New Solutions: If health and wellbeing metrics were precarious before the pandemic, they’re now deteriorating further. We face escalating macro crises: worsening chronic disease, mental unwellness, sedentary lives, environmental destruction, an aging population, and the pressures of technology, all of which impose staggering economic costs.

Global health expenditures more than doubled in the last decade, reaching $8.5 trillion annually and it is projected that chronic diseases and mental conditions will cost $47 trillion between 2011 and 2030; physical inactivity is a $67.5 billion annual burden and employee disengagement at work costs an estimated $7.8 trillion a year.

Wellness Policy Tackles:

Gaps in Healthcare & Public Health Policy: While research shows that 80-90% of our health outcomes are determined by environmental, socioeconomic, and lifestyle factors, healthcare remains primarily a “sick-care” model, while public health systems lack a mandate to address lifestyle and environmental factors.

GWI estimates that only about 4% of annual global health expenditures are for prevention, risk reduction, and public health. Wellness policy refocuses public health policy on the lifestyle factors and environmental determinants of health that have the biggest impact on our wellbeing and longevity.

Gaps in the Consumer Wellness Market: The modern consumer wellness movement has accomplished much, including mainstreaming a concept of health that is holistic, destigmatizing mental health, and vastly increasing consumer choice.

But it has left glaring gaps in accessibility and affordability and cannot bring wellness to all. Among the $4.4 trillion of wellness economy spending in 2020, only 6% was in “lower-middle” and “low-income” countries.

Wellness is a powerful concept for policy action because it taps into the language and aspirational desires of consumers but can ensure that access to wellness is far more equitable and inclusive.

Gaps in Happiness & Wellbeing Policy: Happiness and wellbeing have entered the mainstream lexicon, but their impact on policy remains limited. The conversation is still mostly theoretical and only a few (mostly small and wealthy countries, such as New Zealand, Wales and Scotland) have embedded happiness and well-being into their national budgeting priorities.

The problem is that happiness and well-being policy takes a top-down approach that requires long-term, monumental change in how governments set priorities and allocate resources. In contrast, a wellness policy approach focuses on making incremental, immediate, bottom-up changes within existing policy structures, and changes that have a deeper impact on human health than merely improving subjective well-being.

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Hotels and resorts across Asia with their own farms

To plant, to raise and to understand on Phuket

Trisara, an exclusive hideaway in Phuket’s unspoiled northwestern corner, is notable among resorts in Thailand for its sustainability philosophy.

This ethos is to the fore in its Michelin-garlanded F&B that encompasses PRU—the only Michelin-starred restaurant on Phuket—and Jampa, a zero-waste venue leading the charge for sustainable dining on the island. Locavore inclinations reach a delicious crescendo at Pru.

The venue’s name – an acronym for Plant. Raise. Understand. – provides a solid clue as to its overriding creed. Jampa, meanwhile, takes Trisara’s “Dine Good, Do Good” motto to a logical conclusion with its zero-waste cuisine.

 The beating heart of this philosophy is Pru Jampa, Trisara’s 16,000-square-metre farm. The treasure trove of a garden is a culinary playground bursting with aromas and flavours to be utilized by award winning chefs Jimmy Ophorst (Pru) and Rick Dingen (Jampa).

Here chickens are raised for their eggs, fish is farmed sustainably, and myriad fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs are cultivated. All together, along with rotating their crops, this creates a sustainable ecosystem to nourish the land and to support the local economy.

‘360° Cuisine’ Program to shrink carbon footprint

Meliá Chiang Mai is embracing sustainability and promoting healthy eating with its ‘360° Cuisine’ concept, under which executive chef Suksant Chutinthratip (Billy) crafts dishes that include produce from the hotel’s organic farm and use every part of each ingredient possible before leftovers are returned to the farm as compost.

Meliá Chiang Mai has partnered with ORI9IN The Gourmet Farm, a 350-acre gourmet organic farm located in nearby San Sai District, to grow an array of fruits, vegetables and herbs on a two-acre plot on the broader ORI9IN property for its restaurants, bars and spa.

“Our ‘farm to plate’ efforts, sourcing organic produce that travels only a short distance to our hotel and using every part of each ingredient we can – roots, leaves, stems, stalks and more – come full circle with ‘plate to farm’, whereby we return food waste back to the farm as fertilizer in a truly 360° concept,” Billy said.

Through the partnership with ORI9IN, local farmers assist the hotel with import substitution, growing various kinds of tomatoes, salad leaves, and specialized ingredients such as padrón pepper, that would otherwise need to be imported from Spain for the hotel’s authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

The hotel’s kitchen works closely with local farmers to help them improve sustainability and encourage ethical production, in a bid to make communities and the overall food system more resilient.

Onsite farm’s produce feeds resort’s guests and staff

The Anam Cam Ranh has dedicated 8500 sqm of its 12 beachfront hectares to an array of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and chicken and duck eggs for meals for guests and staff.

The resort’s chefs incorporate ingredients from the resort’s farm such as morning glory, malabar spinach, corn, mustard green, and wild betel leaves in meals served to guests at Lang Viet Restaurant & Bar as well as at the staff kitchen.

The farm’s variety of vegetables also include lettuce, cucumber, green onion, and cassava root. Custard apple, papaya, banana, mango, cac fruit and bitter melon are among the farm’s fruits. Herbs grown include basil, coriander, thyme, mint, imperata cylindrica, and plantago asiatica.

 In addition to ducks and chickens, the farm also features geese, rabbits, goats, guinea fowls, turkeys and peacocks. Children are welcome to visit the farm as part of a supervised program to learn more about sustainable farming.

A picturesque and practical design helps feed locals and guests in Mai Chau

The mountainside property, Avana Retreat Mai Chau, embraces its local roots – literally. The team recently launched their own natural, pesticide-free garden, where they grow a vast selection of herbs and vegetables that appear on guests’ plates.

 From chayote to coriander many typical Vietnamese flavors can be found in the new vegetable patch. Also on site is a free-range chicken farm where around 500 chickens enjoy a spacious home, while supplying the kitchen with an abundance of eggs.

And while the picturesque terraced rice fields that cascade throughout the property are a stunning design element, they’re also working rice paddies tended to by the local community.

A Vegetable Garden Experience With a Passionate Chef in Bali

While most of the produce at Tanah Gajah, a Resort by Hadiprana, comes from a thriving vegetable garden, elements on each plate aren’t restricted to what can be found in the produce patch.

 Chef Dean, the head chef at the property who is behind this vast organic garden, likes to make the most of what can also be found throughout the lush grounds of the property, collecting herbs and spices such as the bark from cinnamon trees on-site.

Tarragon, garlic chives, oregano, marjoram, lemon balm, cinnamon basil, Vietnamese coriander, turmeric, and vegetables from okra to eggplants, along with fruits ranging from limes to durian, are just some of what is grown at the property and a tour with the chef of his abundant yield is a must-do for passionate foodies.

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Hyatt Thailand unveils elevated Wedding Experience

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts in Thailand is offering wedding packages from six Hyatt hotels and resorts across Thailand until March 10, 2023.

From Park Hyatt Bangkok, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, and Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit, to Hyatt Regency Hua Hin, and Hyatt Regency Phuket as well as Andaz Pattaya Jomtien Beach, couples can take advantage of this exclusive wedding campaign to create their dream wedding of a lifetime, complete with all the necessary facilities with the help of Hyatt’s wedding planners for a stress-free ceremony. 

Making your dream wedding a lasting and even more memorable moment is the campaign’s lifestyle collaboration of Hyatt Thailand with major partners for wedding products and luxury services such as Gaysorn Village, Bang & Olufsen, Mediwelle, and Yamano Thailand as well as special privileges from KTC and TTB credit cards. 

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Thailand offers wondeerful destinations, wedding venues and bespoke packages for weddings in Thailand – with wedding packages to simplify the planning process for convenience and cost savings. 

Located near to the BTS Ploenchit station, Park Hyatt Bangkok is an iconic building featuring world-class architecture in the heart of Bangkok, the ideal backdrop for a picturesque and bespoke wedding in Bangkok. The exclusive offer features a minimum spending of THB 600,000 at the Ballroom for weddings held from February 2023 until  Sept. 30, 2023. 

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok is located in central Bangkok and an ideal location for weddings with a diverse range of event venues and a plethora of dining experiences offering Italian, Thai, and Western cuisines. The exclusive offer features a minimum spending of THB 800,000 at the Grand Ballroom for Weddings held February 2023 until Sept. 30, 2023 

The Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit’s Regency Ballroom is grand and gracious, with six-meter-high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows in a contemporary design. Exclusive menus can be tailored to suit taste and preference.   Book from now until 31 March 31, 2023 for weddings held by Oct. 31, 2023 with food and beverage spending of THB 450,000 during the wedding.   

Located on a tranquil beach, Hyatt Regency Hua Hin is an oasis of laid-back natural beauty, providing the perfect backdrop for stunning weddings – Seaside Wedding, Royal Thai Wedding, LBGTQ+ Wedding and Explore Weddings. Book from now until March 10, 2023 for weddings held from now until Dec. 31, 2024. Newlyweds receive a complimentary stay at the Barai Balcony Suite with a value of THB 35,310 net on your wedding day. 

With clear skies and gentle sea breezes, as well as one of the largest oceanfront infinity pools in Phuket, Hyatt Regency Phuket is a romantic location for couples wanting to get marriedThe beautiful beachfront outdoor and indoor venues can be tailored for a bespoke reception.  Book from now until  March 10, 2023 for weddings held from now until 31 Dec. 31, 2024. A special 15% discount on all wedding packages including beverage package

Andaz Pattaya Jomtien Beach is a newly opened modern luxurious seaside resort offering  intimate beachfront weddings, glitzy banquets and elegant garden receptions in the Garden Pavilion.  Book from now until April 30, 2023 for weddings held from now until  Oct. 31, 2023. On the wedding day, newlyweds receive a complimentary stay in the King Bed with Roof Garden valued at THB 9,600++.

As an added touch, Hyatt Thailand has teamed up with the following:  

Gaysorn Village: Explore luxury lifestyle and Uniquely Gaysorn Experience with Gaysorn Diamond Membership and many of the program’s lavish privileges for business and pleasure at Gaysorn Village, a place where shopping and entertainment in Bangkok’s most iconic district, Ratchaprasong, meet.

Bang & Olufsen: Enjoyspecial wedding gifts from Bang& Olufsen, iconic audio and home entertainment products created to the highest standards of sound, craft and design. The featured B&O’s luxury product ensures couples will hear the tunes of love with precision clarity and power in every possible environment – continuously perfecting the listening experience.

Mediwelle: Plan a wedding Body & Beauty regimen with Mediwelle and enjoy special offers for pre-wedding treatments for the best possible outcome on your big day. As health and beauty are equally important, Mediwelle’s service will assist any bride and groom to reach their goals holistically. 

Yamano Thailand: Find an essential treatment for every bride-to-be with Yamano Thailand, featuring its popular pre-wedding facial and skin preparing and pampering treatment by a specialist to guarantee all brides looking flawless and feel the most confident on the special day. 

KTC and TTB credit cards offer exclusive benefits including complimentary guest room accommodations and up to Baht 22,000 cash back on wedding spending to guarantee an even greater start of your lifelong journey together. 

Whatever your heart desires, be sure to explore Your Dream Wedding With Hyatt and find the perfect match of Hyatt hotels or resorts to make your dream wedding a romantic reality. 

For more information or reservations, contact Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok via telephone at 02-254-1234, and e-mail at, or visit

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BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat brings world class sustainable wellness to Anantara Riverside Bangkok

ANANTARA RIVERSIDE BANGKOK RESORT is introducing BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat in a forward-looking initiative that is set to strengthen Thailand’s position as a wellness tourism leader.

Located on the banks of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river amidst 11 acres of lush tropical gardens, Anantara Riverside offers urban serenity twinned with authentic discoveries, and a preventative healthcare centre that offers a wide range of wellness, aesthetic, and health screenings. 

Here guests feel connected to nature when receiving counselling and medical services from a team of BDMS Wellness Clinic professionals.

The BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat at Anantara Riverside is part of the award-winning Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) network – Thailand’s largest operator of private hospitals with over 50 facilities in Thailand and Cambodia – and the first outpost of the BDMS Wellness Clinic.

The Retreat’s tenet is a strong believe that prevention is better than cure and a commitment to helping guests reach their health goals; adopt a healthier lifestyle; and achieve their optimal wellbeing. 

It offers comprehensive wellness screenings utilizing advanced science and technology that allow physicians to accurately predict future health issues and help disease while enhancing mental and physical performance and quality of life. 

The BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat offers signature wellness check-up packages that are comprehensive wellness assessment programs aimed at the early detection and prevention of diseases.

 The programs also analyze signs of biological and bio-chemical ageing processes to improve health and help maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle; slow the ageing process; and increase longevity.  Rates for the signature wellness check-up packages start from Thai Baht 10,800++.

Other specialty check-up treatments include weight management; immunity; food intolerance; comprehensive genetic analysis; telomere length measurement; NK cell activity diagnostics and treatment; cancer screening; and intravenous fluids treatments.

Guests can also choose from a range of aesthetic services in facial and body treatments that use the latest technologies under the close supervision of specialized dermatologists.

Multiday check-ups and treatments at BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat offer luxurious accommodation at Anantara Riverside and incorporate treatments at the renowned Anantara Spa that draw from healing practices of East and West. 

The Retreat’s nutritionists and the resort’s award-winning culinary team have designed wellness cuisine menus that can be personalised according to guests’ dietary requirements and tastes to assist the body in restoring health; strength; balance; and enhancing longevity.

The three-night Detox Package promotes the immune system; prevents cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, and age-related degenerative diseases; and increases the production of collagen for the body and skin with antioxidants.

 Supplementary healing treatments and supervised activities include a detox intravenous drip; a green tea detox body wrap; a Himalayan thermal therapy treatment; a nutrition consultation; and daily yoga sessions and Thai herbal steam treatments. 

Rates start from Thai Baht 46,260++ for two people sharing a room and include accommodation for three nights and daily wellness breakfast and lunch. 

Other wellness accommodation packages focus on anti-aging and wellness check-ups.

For more information about sustainable wellness treatments at BDMS Wellness Clinic Retreat or to make an appointment, visit or contact Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort on telephone +66 2 476 0022 or email

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The Global Wellness Summit’s trends for 2023

GWS’s annual 160-page report is fatter this year and one of its major findings is that wellness is still big – but now with a difference.

“Various trends illustrate how we’re returning to some of the deepest roots of wellness, but with a radical reimagining,” notes GWS.

“If wellness has always been a sensory affair, new directions in multisensory integration are emerging with light, scent, temperature, touch and sound being blended to create a dramatically new era for “sensory wellness.”

If water is the foundation of spa, the “Blue, Hot and Wild” trend predicts that we’ll now be “taking the waters” with an unprecedented global surge in new-look hot springs destinations—and wild and cross-country swimming going global.

“After three years of “touchless wellness” people hunger for sensory immersion,” it adds.

Also, consumer values are changing. The trends show a profound shift in consumer values coming out of the pandemic: from a rejection of a “self-obsessed” wellness to a demand for science and solutions that work.

Wellness has led with two lonely models—a sea of “self-care” products and “digital wellness”— the trend “Wellness Comes for the Loneliness Epidemic” details the many ways that the wellness world (and wider world) is finally tackling the biggest missing cornerstone in health: social wellness, with a surge in new spaces, community models and concepts that put human connection at the very center.

With a critique of wellness as a relentless cultural appropriator, one trend details how wellness travel will shift from “global smorgasbord” to Indigenous wellness at the source.

In “Workplace Wellness Finally Starts to Mean Something,” we see how fed-up employees, worsening mental health, and remote work mean “workplace wellness” is finally moving from false promise to meaningful plan of action.

Science is ultra important in 2023. “From ‘Clean’ to Biotech Beauty” reveals how we’re moving beyond clean beauty’s often muddy claims to lab-tested, scientist-created “biotech beauty.”

With so much misinformation about diets and metabolic health, one trend—written by a doctor—explores how transforming white fat into brown may be the obesity breakthrough.

The report also suggest  how it will now transform a couple of very serious, people-impacting sectors, including how a wellness lens is powerfully changing urban design and infrastructure; the opportunities hospitality brands see in embracing pro-level sports; and how wellness is becoming a much bigger focus of government policy. 

“Cast your mind back to 2019, the highwater mark of the hyper-consumerist, product-flooded wellness market, with so many evidence-challenged trends-a-minute,” said Susie Ellis, GWS Chair and CEO.

“This report is proof that the wellness market of just three years ago suddenly feels archaic. Wellness in 2023 (and beyond) will be more serious and science-backed, but also more social and sensory.”

The report emerges from the insights of hundreds of global executives from wellness companies, economists, doctors, investors, academics and technologists that gather each year at the Summit. This year, in addition to having leading journalists and analysts as authors, the trend-spotters include top experts in that field—whether doctors, economists, or urban futurists.

We *know* loneliness is skyrocketing; that it kills; that the #1 predictor of health and happiness is relationships. But somehow, the recent uber-capitalist wellness market has led with two things: a sea of keep-them-spending “me time” products and “digital wellness”—both lonely journeys of “self-care.”

The pandemic has proven to be the breaking point: the biggest wellness trend is new spaces and experiences that—intentionally and creatively—bring people together in real life, where social connection is the burning centre of the concept. 

The report also suggests a greater emphasis on authenticity, travelers are now seeking much deeper cultural experiences and showing interest in going to the source of ancient healing and knowledge about how to care for the land and for themselves. Indigenous travel and going-to-the-cultural-source for wellness is our travel trend for 2023.    

“Savvy hospitality brands are responding to demands from wellness-focused clients looking beyond the basement gym, in search of pro-athlete-level equipment, fitness classes and wellness programming, whenever and wherever they travel.

 “Some hotel brands are even creating facilities that cater to entire amateur or professional sports teams, expanding the function of the hotel and ensuring professional quality for the rest of us. We predict businesses that support this trend will become the go-to brands for future generations.”

Advances in neuroscience and neuroaesthetics confirm that, when combined, the senses elevate our human experience. Nature is multisensory and it turns out, so are we. The senses have always been present in wellness. In fact, we subconsciously associate many wellness activities with one sense or another… spa is touch, wellness music is sound, chromotherapy is color, healthy food is taste and thermal is temperature.

This siloed approach is quickly changing in remarkable ways. Now brands are accessing multiple senses simultaneously to better support well-being outcomes, amplify wellness experience and influence behavioral change—think using multiple sensory cues, in a harmonious way to deepen meditation. 

There’s a new trend in biohacking featuring technology that is staggering. Super-technologies such as AI, brain-computer interfaces, sensorless-sensing, CRISPR, xenobotics, nanobotics, probiotics, morphoceuticals, 3D-tissue-printing, cloud-computing and blockchain technologies allow us to manipulate molecules, modify genes, manage microbes, create living robots, regenerate body parts, seamlessly monitor and track health metrics, and manipulate our sensory inputs.

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Change your wellness routine in 2023 at Anantara Layan Phuket

BOOST YOUR SENSE OF well-being with a beach getaway at Anantara Layan Phuket Resort. There is something soothing about the beach. The sound of ocean waves breaking on the shore, the refreshing feel of saltwater on your skin, and the grounding sensation of sand beneath your toes. When coupled with a wellness retreat or fitness training camp your sense of well-being is amplified. 

From embracing the changes in womanhood to learning how to run effortlessly, Anantara Layan’s Wellness Retreats in 2023 are influenced by the resort’s beautiful coastal location and are designed to inspire guests to experience transformative wellness journey’s.

The resort even has special swimming camps and a new tennis program planned for kids. Each fitness camp and wellness retreat includes stylish accommodation in a luxurious Deluxe Layan Suite.

Cycling Camp with Faris Al Sultan

This cycling camp is designed for cyclists looking to achieve their ultimate riding goals Taking place from March 26 to 1 April 1, 2023, participants will join former Ironman World Champion Faris Al-Sultan will spend a week learning how to amplify their cycling routine

. This fitness camp is especially suited for cyclists looking for a vigorous challenge aiming to enhance their performance to a more advanced level.

Learn the dos and don’ts of group riding, time trialing, training to avoid injury, and how to effectively incorporate healthy eating, yoga and gym into your training. The package, starting from EUR 5,500 per couple includes six-nights’ accommodation, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner seven day’s training (11 sessions in total), two massage treatments at Anantara Spa per person, a nutritional cooking class and healthy snacks and refreshments during sessions.

Women’s Wellness Retreat

Join a long weekend, Women’s Wellness retreat from May 4-7, 2023 to explore how womanhood changes with time.  Co-led by naturopathic physician and homeopath, Dr Benita Perch and Renata Citrons – yogi, sound healer and art therapist, this Wellness Retreat has been specially created for women aged between 35 and 50. Each of the sessions are designed to educate women about different life stages.

Dr Perch explores how the female cycle and fertility is affected by nutrition and hormonal imbalances and Renata offers guided sound healing classes to clear chakras, yin and hatha yoga sessions, spine therapy and mandala art therapy to release anxiety and fear. Starts from EUR 3,300 per couple.

Running Camp

Learn how to run easier, faster and more effortlessly.  Join a four-day Running Camp (9 sessions in total) from 18 – 21 May 18-21 2023 led by Erik Bohm. This is the ultimate running camp for those eager to unlearn bad habits and enjoy running socially with others. Erik specializes in transforming joggers into effortless runners – mentally stripping away the idea that you have to push against gravity to move yourself forward. Starts from EUR 2,200 per couple.

Feed Your Soul Retreat

Relax and reset on Layan’s  golden sandy beach. Reach your full potential with a healthy diet, movement and mindfulness. From June 2-5, 2023, join international yoga instructor and Ayurvedic yoga therapist, Laurence Roufart and registered sports and health dietitian, nutritionist and yogi, Morgane Quinchon for a three-night wellness retreat. Starts from EUR 2,400 per couple.

Holiday Swimming Camp for Children and Toddlers

From October 15-21, toddlers aged two to four years of age can learn how to float and swim under water and children from 5- 12 years of age can learn how to swim all while having fun and playing games with their friends in a safe and protected environment.

Swimming affords children numerous health benefits that contribute to their wellbeing and happiness. The team of professional trainers will help toddlers and children feel at ease in the water and they will learn how to swim whilst enjoying a variety of water games with new friends. Kids will even have a chance to perfect their stroke techniques Toddler Swimming camps start from EUR 2,500.

New Year, New You Retreat

In the new year, join internationally acclaimed spiritual wellness and wellbeing consultants Dr Lucia Giovannini and Dr Nicola Riva for a three-day New Year, New You retreat from 19 – 21 January 2024. Both consultants have a PhD in Psychology, are certified life coaches, neuro-linguistic programmers and fire walk master trainers.

The retreat comprises an intention setting Sankalpa ceremony to open the path to transformation, breath work, energy clearings and meditation sessions to help participants let go and create a whole new life. Starts from EUR 3,500 per couple.

Layan Active Zone

The resort’s Layan Active Zone offers several activities for adults and children, among them, a tennis academy for guests. There is also a 400-metre long Zipline,  a Surf Skate Field, 10.5-metre-high outdoor climbing wall, Muay Thai boxing ring, an outdoor gym, lakeside pool and Teen Zone. 

Lux Tennis has created a new tennis program in association with former Top 10 ranked junior UK county player and Wimbledon junior champion, Joshua Elliot. Whatever skill-level, from beginners to budding professionals, the tennis packages offer enthusiasts an opportunity to benefit from one-on-one private lessons as well as a chance for kids to participate in a fun group tennis clinic.

Tennis has proven to improve metabolic function in adults, increase bone density and improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Private one-on-one lessons with Joshua allow guests to work on different aspects of their game with a focus on cardio, technique, strategy and most importantly, love of the game.

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Banyan Tree Samui steps in to rebuild education centre following storm damage

PHILANTHROPY LIES CLOSE TO the roots at Banyan Tree. Over the years, the luxury hotel group has sponsored hundreds of causes and projects worldwide through its Banyan Tree Global Foundation.

So when the the general manager of Banyan Tree Samui, Remko Kroesen, heard that a tropical storm had devastated a local community centre on the island, he immediately got in touch with the local administrators and offered assistance.

In addition to funding the cost of reconstruction, the Australian general manager and several volunteers from the hotel rolled up their sleeves and helped out with landscaping and other labour-intensive tasks.

Over a year later, construction work on the canteen at the Wat Santi Wanaram Child Development Centre has been completed, and the 103 children and their teachers can now look forward to a fresh and safe environment for lunch, activities and play.

“We are so grateful to Banyan Tree Samui for recognizing the importance of children’s education here in Koh Samui,” wrote Suthima Chanrak, the acting head of the centre. “We rejoice that we will have a new canteen, not only for the children’s meals, but also a building that will act as a focal point for community activities and town hall meetings.”

Other initiatives implemented successfully by Banyan Tree Samui in recent years include a blood drive campaign, and the ongoing “Seedlings Mentorship” project aimed at nurturing young Samui students between the ages of 12 and 18, providing them with vocational and life skills and education, as well as offering scholarships and financial support to enable select students to continue into higher education.

“As a 5-star resort with beautiful villas and sea views, a spa, and exquisite dining, it would be easy to forget that many of the families on Koh Samui work nearby in coconut plantations or on fishing boats, and are often unable to meet the rising costs of medical care and housing,” said Kroesen.

“That’s why we maintain an annual fund to assist those in need, and never forget how lucky we are to share their wonderful island with them.”

For more information about the rebuilding of Wat Santi Wanaram Child Development Centre, please go to: more information about Banyan Tree Samui, click here:

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Savings of up to 40% On Centara’s  Bangkok Hotels with 72-Hour Flash Sale

Centara Bangkok Escape, a 72-hour flash sale, offers guests up to 40% savings on the best available rates at participating Centara hotels in Bangkok.

This limited time offer runs from Jan. 18 – 20 for stays from Jan. 29 – 31 March 2023 at the following Centara properties: Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok, Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok, Centra by Centara Government Complex Hotel & Convention Centre Chaeng Watthana, and Centra by Centara Hotel Bangkok Phra Nakhon.

Travellers are invited to book their next holiday, staycation or business trip in Bangkok and experience the vibrance of its bustling city streets. Whether staying in the heart of downtown’s shopping and business district or exploring historic Old Town, Centara is the place to be in the City of Angels with modern and sophisticated hotels conveniently located in the most popular and sought-after neighbourhoods.

In addition to saving 40% on the best available room rates, guests can also choose from an array of accommodation options and enjoy complimentary stays for up to two children under the age of 12.

For more information or to book your stay, visit

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